Back to Front on Gardeners’ Question Time

growing together mosaic

Some people dream of making it big on X Factor. Our fantasies about fame are much less ambitious. All we’ve ever wanted to do is be on Gardeners’ Question Time on BBC Radio 4. Towards the end of 2014, our dream came true (which, sadly, is not something many X Factor contestants get to say).

Gardeners’ Question Time (GQT for ease of weary typing fingers) was first broadcast in 1947 and has a long and honourable history of being the gardeners’ go-to gardening programme. We’ve written before about all the hard work that went in to make the GQT visit to Back to Front a success.

There’s a lovely feature about Back to Front in the middle of programme, featuring interviews with lots of participants and volunteers. It explains why the project was started, how it’s progressing and its impact on local communities. We’re thrilled with it – if we could frame it, we would! – and delighted to share it here. Even if you don’t have a garden, it’s still worth a listen. There are also some great tips on growing food in small spaces and in raised beds.

Back to Front on BBC Radio 4 Gardeners’ Question Time

So, make yourself a cuppa, snuggle in a comfy chair and enjoy the dulcet tones of Bob Flowerdew and the rest of the GQT team putting the gardening world to rights. Meanwhile, we’ll listen again, whilst wondering what ambition we can fulfil next…
*The mosaic in the picture was created by Hyde Park Source and Cross Green Community Group, our partners on the Fewston Bridge community garden. It now sits proudly at the entrance to the garden, send a lovely message to us all. ‘Growing Together’ – long may it continue.




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